Quality Service, Quality Products. Plate rolling, section rolling, brake pressing, flanging, ductwork, repairs and contract work.

What We Do

Brake Pressing & Forming

We can brake press materials from 250-grade, steel, stainless steel and aluminium from sheet metal to 20mm plate. Applications include platforms, stair treads, and units comprising many parts of different shapes and sizes.

1200TN Press to form mild steel plate from 1mm to 100mm in thickness at 8100mm in width

300TN Press to form mild steel plate up to 20mm in thickness at 3100mm in width

200TN Press to form mild steel plate up to 10mm in thickness at 3700mm in width

Plate & Section Rolling

Double initial pinch rollers on both sides and drop ends make loading and unloading fast and efficient. Heavy duty side support and top support arms allow rolling of heavy plates and large diameter cylinders and cones.

  • • 2mm to 16mm thick plate at 3100mm in width

Section rolling work includes ductwork, arches, vehicle turntables, handrails and custom shapes for outdoor pagolas, canopies and roofing structures.

  • • RHS/SHS up to 50mm x100 x 5mm
  • • Angle up to 50mm x 50mm x 8mm
  • • 32NB pipe

Flanging & Ductwork

Our equipment can handle the process of forming a flange on a rolled cylinder from 400mm diameter up to 1800mm diameter with a maximum flange length of 60mm and 6.5mm plate thickness using both mild and stainless steels. Flange apron sizes range from 30mm x 3mm to 50mm x 3mm.

Ductwork can be rolled with angles up to 90 degrees, with or without holes in flanges.

Plant & Equipment

  • • 200, 300 and 1200 tonne brake presses
  • • guillotines
  • • heavy duty gantry
  • • welders
  • • cropping, punching and a wide array of tooling

Materials we use for fabrication include weldox, domex, hardox, bisalloy, aluminum, stainless steel and boiler plate.

Our premises cover 10,500 square metres and include 1,200 square metres of workshop with a maximum height of 10 metres and 200 square metres of office and storage.

Recent Work

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Things we've made

Components for wind farms and the production of green energy.

Methane gas extraction units used by rubbish dumps and the mining industry.

Roofing and outdoor structures.

Fabrication and installation of heavy duty turntables for vehicles.