Brake Pressing and Forming

Brake Pressing and Forming

We can brake press materials from 250-grade, steel, stainless steel and aluminium from sheet metal to 20mm plate. Applications include platforms, stair treads, and units comprising many parts of different shapes and sizes.

1200TN Press to form mild steel plate from 1mm to 100mm in thickness at 8100mm in width

300TN Press to form mild steel plate up to 20mm in thickness at 3100mm in width

200TN Press to form mild steel plate up to 10mm in thickness at 3700mm in width


What We Do

At our well-equipped premises in Lonsdale, South Australia, we offer services include brake pressing and forming, plate and section rolling, flanging and ductwork.

Industry Sectors

We provide services and products to a range of industry sectors including agriculture, mining, transport, architecture, civil construction, general engineering, landscaping and residential.

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